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  Overseas Domain Acquisition Service

2,160JPY / 1 domain for Initial Application Expense.
7,344JPY / 1 domain for Initial Registration Expense.
6,264JPY / 1 domain for Annual Maintenance Expense.

Acquisition service of a overseas domain is offered in DAWN WebService. When domain acquisition applies, simultaneously it makes a contract of Hosting or Housing Service, all the following domain acquisition expense becomes FREE!!. Furthermore, as long as these contracts continue, the annual maintenance expense of a domain also becomes FREE!!. :-)

At least acquisition of a domain is a welcome. Of course, management of the already acquired domain is shifted to DAWN WebService, and a request of only maintenance management is also a BIG welcome! (In this case, the annual maintenance expense of a domain starts.)
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NOTES... 1. For service of the expenses by the employment contract, acquired domains, such as Housing Service-Hosting Service (except for Lite Hosting Service), are ten months or more. When managed in the network of DAWN WebService, it is the case where maintenance of the domain management server by which preparation of the visitor is carried out uniquely is commissioned to our company. 2. The registration situation of a domain can be checked from "(WHOIS) Check of a Domain Registration Situation" page. 3. The list of the handling domains should access to "Handling Domain List" page. 4. Nippon Data Corporation is an official JP Registrar of JPRS 5. Please ask freely about the contents of detailed service.

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