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1,080JPY / 1 Affair for Initial introduction expense.
3,780JPY / 1 Year for Annual amount use charge.

You always have to change the mail address of a cellular phone, thanks to troublesome mail. It is very serious to announce the changed mail address each time.

Let's acquire an original domain "ex.com." One mail address is prepared there, it sets up so that the mail which arrived may be transmitted to a cellular phone, and announce it as "a mail address for cellular phones" to friends. Troublesome mail arrived. You change the mail address of a cellular phone and reregister it as a transmission place. Troublesome mail stops coming and it is not necessary to announce a new mail address. It is because... Thus, even if a you have an original domain acquired, when necessity does not have service to Hosting, please use this Lite Hosting Service!
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NOTES... 1. A transmission place mail address can be registered to ten affairs in total. 2. When you want to change a mail address, perform an addition, deletion and to make a change of a forward place mail address, it can perform from a "member service site." (In requesting these work from us, it takes 1,080JPY per one setup separately.) 3. Please access to "Mail Address Offer Service" page. to use the mail transfer service using the mail address "name@nippondata.ne.jp" which did not acquire an original domain but used the domain of DAWN WebService. 4. When an original domain is acquired, the acquisition expense and annual maintenance expense of a domain start separately. For details, please look at "Domestic Domain Acquisition Service" or "Overseas Domain Acquisition Service." 5. The mail which arrived at the original domain is unacquirable using POP account. 6. Now, service by the Japanese domain name is not offered.

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