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  Handling Domain List

Now, domestic and acquirable overseas domain classification are as above-mentioned in DAWN WebService. In addition, it is due to add as soon as handling becomes possible formally about the domain classification which does not have a publication in below.

Domestic Overseas

* Since there are some which can do handling individually also about the domain which is not indicated by the above, please consult about ".NAME", ".PRO", ".TO", etc. freely.
Domestic Domain Acquisition Service
Overseas Domain Acquisition Service

Mail Address Offer Service
Lite Hosting Service
Web Redirect Service

Hosting Service
Multi Hosting Service
Hosting Optional Service

Housing Service

(WHOIS) Check of a Domain Registration Situation

Detailed Information & Glossary
Service Charge List
Handling Domain List

* The handling in our company about "LG.JP" domain classification. * The registration situation of a domain can be checked from "(WHOIS) Check of a Domain Registration Situation" page. * JPRS (Japan Registory Service Co., Ltd.) receives the operating change of jurisdiction from JPNIC (Japan Network Information Center), and the domain name management business in Japan is performing generalization management. * Nippon Data Corporation is an official JP Registrar of JPRS * Please ask freely about the contents of detailed service.

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