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  "ward-name"."city-name".JP Type Domain
ccTLD / Domestic-Geographic Type JP Domain Name

It is used for a company, an individual, etc. who are undertaking the enterprise stuck to a local self-governing body, hospitals, and areas, such as a ward office, to the domain classification Lord currently prepared for the organization which fulfills the registration qualification of the Organizational Type JP Domain Name name of ".AC.JP" or ".CO.JP" or ".ED.JP" or ".GO.JP" or ".OR.JP" or ".NE.JP" or ".GR.JP", the hospital, or the individual who lives in Japan.

For registering this domain classification, it is necessary to correspond to the above-mentioned conditions.
Currently, a Japanese domain cannot be registered into this type of domain.
This domain classification cannot use "(WHOIS) Check of a Domain Registration Situation" service.
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