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  .OR.JP Type Domain
ccTLD / Domestic-Org.al Type JP Domain Name

Foundation, Corp., Medical Corp., Audit Corp.,  JA, COOP, NPO, Religious Corp., Special public Corp.,  and other Japan applicable to neither ofPREF.prefecturename.JP ,.AC.JP ,.CO.JP ,.ED.JP ,.GO.JP - the Corp. established based on the national law - and The diplomatic establishments of public international Org.s, such as the UN, and the foreign gov't ovtin Japan, the Org. of representation part in Japan and others of a foreign gov'tOrg., It is the domain classification currently prepared for the Org. of a representation part in Japan and others, such as the local gov't of each country (state gov't), the Org. of the branch office in Japan and others of Corp.s other than a foreign company, foreign in Japan friendship and commerce / cultural-exchanges Org., a NGO associated with the UN, or its Japanese branch.

For registering this domain classification, it is necessary to correspond to the above-mentioned conditions.
Currently, a Japanese domain cannot be registered into this type of domain.

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