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2,160JPY / 1 Affair for Initial introduction expense.
8,640JPY / 1 Month for Monthly amount use charge.

Hosting Service of DAWN WebService provides a customers with the highest cost performance. When paying the charge for one year collectively, the monthly amount use charge for two months becomes FREE!!. And when it applies for an option menu simultaneously, initial introduction expense is also FREE!!. Furthermore, the annual maintenance expense of the Hosting domain is also FREE!!, our company will pay the total amount.

Disk capacity is 1GB for homepage contents, 1,000 mail accounts are included. Moreover, Please access to the "Hosting Optional Service" page. It is sure that a customer's needs are filled with Web Access Statistics, CGI and other various option menus!
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Hosting Service
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NOTES... 1. When you want to perform an addition, deletion and change of a mail address, it can perform from a "member service site." (In requesting these work from us, it takes 1,080JPY per one setup separately.) 2. When there is a demand of visitors, such as service which is not carried by the disk capacity or the number of mail accounts for homepage contents, and the Option menu about Hosting Service, please consult freely. 3. The site contrary to good public order and customs cannot be used. For details, please look at "DAWN WebService Use Agreement" 4. A site with extremely much access etc. has the case where We are allowed to hold a consultation of the use charge etc. separately, about the case where the service currently offered to other visitors is influenced. 5. In addition, if there is an unknown point etc., please ask freely.

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