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In Housing Service I am allowed to offer by DAWN WebService, the needs are grasped certainly bearing filling a customer's needs in mind, and in order to offer exact service, fixed service charge money is not set up.

For example, when a server administrator lays off temporarily and server management in the company is impossible, When a server group must be temporarily employed by construction of an office building etc. in other places, When the project team who limited the period has to prepare a server uniquely without using server resources in the company, according to a situation, the normal state of being which we aim at to DAWN WebService considers correspondence flexibly. Please ask without reserve offer of service and the demand of a customer which were not found in this website.
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NOTES... 1. In relation to Housing Service, the consulting service about the consultation about server construction, the technique about server management, etc. is also offered. Please also ask the consultation about these freely. 2. In use of Housing Service, according to demand of a visitor, consultations of a portion of participating in a network infrastructure, such as an increase, zone restrictions, etc. of the speed of a circuit, are also received. 3. About the server set as the object of Housing Service, business mind of hardware is fundamentally obtained of customers. 4. In addition, please ask freely about the details about Housing Service.

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