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  What's General-Use JP Domain Name?

"General-Use JP Domain Name" is domain classification with the flexibility which everyone can register freely without limit irrespective of organization forms, such as an individual, a company, and an organization, unlike "Organizational Type JP Domain Name" and "Geographic Type JP Domain Name" It is possible for there to be "nippondata.jp", "utn-0001", "DOUBLE WORD .jp", etc. as an example of "a", and to constitute a domain name freely. (Currently, "General-Use JP Domain Name" of Japan is only one ".JP" domain.)

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* "i-Navi" plug-in is required for access to a Japanese domain name site. * A domain name is a maximum of 63 characters, when it consists of alphanumeric half size characters. About the Japanese domain, a maximum of 15 characters are prescribed to be. Moreover, about a domestic domain, it is necessary to constitute from three or more (for there to be some which do not have these restrictions about an overseas domain) characters at worst. * The registration situation of a domain can be checked from "(WHOIS) Check of a Domain Registration Situation" page. * The list of the handling domains should access to "Handling Domain List" page. * Nippon Data Corporation is an official JP Registrar of JPRS

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