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3,780JPY / 1 Affair for Initial introduction expense.
1,080JPY / 1 Month for Monthly amount use charge.

If Mail Magazine service is used, the same mail can be simultaneously distributed towards the registered member. For example, it is very effective, when giving guidance of a show towards a visitor's customer, or when you want to distribute an announcement from a visitor periodically. Only by sending mail to a specific mail address like Mail Magazine, mail can be distributed to all members registered as a distribution place. (It is also possible to employ simultaneously two or more Mail Magazine, such as for show guidance and for an in-house product users.)

The Mail Magazine Archive service for library-izing mail distributed by Mail Magazine is also prepared. Please be related in detail and look at the "Mail Magazine Archive Service" page.
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NOTE... 1. Expense required for initial setting, such as registration expense of the distribution place member of Mail Magazine and setting expense of Mail Magazine, is contained in initial introduction expense. (Required information, such as a distribution place member list, is asking you for offer from the visitor separately.) 2. A visitor can change freely registration and deletion of a distribution place member from "Mail Magazine member addition / deletion" page. 3. About the contribution of the mail with which the file to Mail Magazine is appended, permission and the disapproval of this can be set up by specification of a visitor. 4. When the number of members registered as a distribution place of Mail Magazine exceeds 3,000 affairs, please consult separately.

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