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  Mail Magazine Archive
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1,944JPY / 1 Affair for Initial introduction expense.
540JPY / 1 Month for Monthly amount use charge.

The history and the contents of the mail distributed using Mail Magazine service can be library-ized, and a list can be seen from a web browser. When its domicile has been transferred a new employee or into the section in its duty, it can grasp easily that what occurrence, meeting, etc. were held in the past etc. through Mail Magazine Archive.

In order to prevent registering into a search engine access to the Archive page from a third person, and the contents whose robot type search engine etc. is an Archive page, access to an Archive page can be protected by attestation with ID and a password common to a member. When hope is carried out, please tell protection of an Archive page freely.
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NOTE... 1. Since I also offer the case of two or more demands of ID and the password for accessing to an Archive page, and the service which changes this ID and password periodically, please consult freely. 2. The background color of an Archive page, the color of a character, etc. have in part the portion which can be changed. When there is a demand at the time of employment, please ask separately. 3. In demand of the reference function about an Archive page, offer is under examination. When there is a demand at the time of employment, please ask separately.

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