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In DAWN WebService, various Option menus other than the Option menu prepared as standard are prepared according to a request of a customer.

Service offer may be performed by the policy of "answering to a request of a visitor as much as possible" the place where DAWN WebService is different from a standard provider. With the standard service currently offered, if there is a demand of the visitor who is not found, please ask freely by all means. We think that we want to make a customer's needs realized as much as possible.

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* Even if correction, FTP upload work, etc. of a homepage are related with outsourcing about the portion which is different from a provider enterprise, please consult about them freely. * As for a CGI program etc., the man day of program development and the problem on management change with contents as which a visitor is requested. Moreover, please understand that there is a case where I am allowed to verify in our company in preparing a CGI program of visitors. * Although an inquiry of development expense etc. is performed by Nippon Data Corporation serving as a window about the request about programming of CGI/Perl etc., about actual development, the Nippon Data Products Corporation performs trust development. * Although Nippon Data Corporation takes charge fundamentally about the request about work of a homepage etc., for details, please consult separately. * In addition, if there is an unknown point etc., please ask freely.

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