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  Web Access Statistics
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1,080JPY / 1 Affair for Initial introduction expense.
540JPY / 1 Month for Monthly amount use charge.

With Web Access Statistics service, statistics of the analysis of the time, the day, the week and the moon and the annual statistics data of the number of accesses of each page, or a time zone with much access and which page having access frequently are begun, and passage follow is carried out very variably to statistics of statistics of the page which was being referred to before visiting a page, the attainment course to a visitor's homepage, the kind of browser currently used, etc.

The sample screen of Web Access Statistics software is prepared. Please input "stats" into a user name and the input column of both password in an alphanumeric small letter after accessing a "Web Access Statistics Sapmle" page.
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NOTE... 1. When hope is carried out, please consult about software other than the Web Access Statistics software "webalizer" adopted with this service separately. 2. By attestation with ID and a password, access to the page of Web Access Statistics can protect access by the third person. 3. Statistics data was saved in the past 5 years. Moreover, in demand, please consult about the log file of Web Access Statistics data separately.

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